Key Project Staff

Laura Eliasieh is a historian, curator, and content producer specializing in contemporary art, women’s history, and the environmental movement. As the original project researcher for 50X50 from 2017 to 2018, Eliasieh provided the foundation of research upon which this publication was built and a digital research library for the SJMA archive.

Eric Gardner is a designer and developer based in Portland, Oregon, who specializes in working with museums and cultural institutions. He has provided essential technical assistance in building 50X50 and developer documentation that gives back to the museum community in the form of open access to our project on GitHub.

Amanda Helton was the original project registrar for 50X50; currently she is manager of digital strategy at SJMA. She was instrumental in discovering and implementing the Quire platform at SJMA, early prototyping, coordinating rights and reproduction work for 50X50, and cross-departmentally managing the project.

Anamarie Alongi, registrar
Daniel Becker, associate exhibition designer
Aquiles de la Torre, digital content and graphic design specialist
Lauren Schell Dickens, senior curator
Jane Hyun, copy editor
Richard J. Karson, director of design and operations
Aaron Lee, preparator
Frederick Liang, social media and communications associate
Rory Padeken, curator
Karen Rapp, assistant director, strategic initiatives
Melanie Samay, director of marketing and communications
Holly Shen, deputy director